There is no better recommendation than from those we have represented.  Here are a few comments that we have received from some of our clients:

(Last updated March 2019)

“Good service as always” – Mr R

“They were not judgemental and listened to you.  Very easy to make initial contact.”Mr L

“I’ve always had Stevens, and always had a better result than I expect to get!  I think the service is perfect as is!”Mr P

“I’ve recommended 2 people and told lots of others”Mr H

“DG is a fantastic solicitor – thanks to him I have my freedom”Mr LW

“Excellent customer service and fantastic professionalism” – Mr W

“I felt that I was talking to a friend, not a solicitor” – Mr T

“This was the first driving charge I have had in 50 years of driving.  Your handling of the case was absolutely brilliant” – Mr K

“Excellent service.  Compassionate and sympathetic inspired my confidence”  – Mr M

“My support from Stevens Solicitors is highly recommendable and positive, and I have advised others of their services– Miss L

“Brilliant staff, every single one of them, kind, sincere & caring” – Mrs F

“You were very pleasant, understanding, helpful and professional” – Mr G

“I would like to extend my most sincere thanks for your representation on ** of ***.  Your argument contained every detail I had rehearsed in my head a thousand times.  I am very grateful.”  - Mr B

“I find all the staff easy to talk to and good at their jobs.  They tell me the truth if it is good or bad. Just keep doing what you’re doing – all the staff need a raise in wages which they deserve” – Mrs P

“Very professional and 100% confident in what you were doing– Mr G

“You put all my family at ease, I don’t know how you could have done more for me– Mr D

“I have dealt with this firm for years and always had a good outcome on sentences, bail etc.  Just keep up the good work!” – Ms W

“Brilliant & understanding” – Ms B

“You’re the best I’ve been represented by for over 20 years” – Mr S

“If it wasn’t for your firm then I wouldn’t have felt at ease through everything.  You were all amazing, not just at your jobs, but understanding and listening.  You never judged me, you helped me through it all x– Ms R

“I rang on several occasions and you were very patient and kind” – Ms K

“Can’t thank you all enough! Thank you –x– I  love you all!” – Mr B

“I would like to say thank you for assisting me in what was one of the most horrific ordeals of my life.  I was scared & out of my depth but you were always helpful, efficient & empathetic. Once again, thank you”  - Ms M

“Completely satisfied” – Mr W


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