If the police are to question you about a criminal offence whether or not you have been arrested (known as being a “volunteer”), you are entitled to legal advice at a police station or elsewhere.

This advice is completely free of charge.

There is no means test and there are no forms to complete.

We are available to provide advice and representation on a 24 hour basis to those under arrest, to those attending as volunteers and also to witnesses assisting the Police with their enquiries.

Police and other investigations:

The vast majority are resulted within a twenty-four to thirty-six hour period but, if you have been bailed to return, then four – six weeks is usually sufficient time to complete all enquiries and reach a conclusion.  In very exceptional circumstances cases can drag on for several months in which case we would discussing possible courses of action.

We have a 24hr helpline, call 01159 577 577, or contact us for further information