Our charges for summary motoring cases in the magistrates’ court

If you are eligible for legal aid we will advise you of this and can help you to apply.   However, you are unlikely to be able to obtain legal aid for driving offences which are “summary only” – meaning that they can only be heard in the magistrates’ court.

There are a range of summary only offences, for example:​

  • Driving a vehicle whilst over the prescribed limit for alcohol/drugs
  • Failing to provide a specimen of breath/blood or urine
  • Driving without due care and attention (Careless driving)
  • Failing to stop after/failing to report an accident
  • Exceeding a speeding limit
  • Failing to identify driver
  • Using a vehicle without insurance
  • Driving without a valid licence
  • And many others​

For offences such as these, our hourly rates are £200 per hour.​

In some cases, we will be able to offer a fixed fee, but this is subject to an initial assessment to establish that the case is suitable which will depend upon, for example, the complexity of the case and the nature of your plea.

If your case is suitable for a fixed fee, our fixed fees for summary only motoring offences are as follows:​

  • Attendance at a single hearing to deal with a guilty plea and mitigation and where travel from our nearest office is 20 miles or less, the fixed fee cost would be £400.
  • Attendance at a single hearing to deal with a guilty plea and mitigation where the court is more than 20 miles from our nearest office, the fixed fee would be £650.
  • We are obliged to add 20% VAT to all of our charges

The fixed fee arrangement is based on an estimate of around 3 hours’ work, including taking instructions, advising you, preparing the case and representation at a single court hearing.

If we have represented you at a previous hearing and your case is then adjourned to a later date for any reason, we would discuss with you a further fixed fee or a transfer to hourly rates.

We have a more detailed information sheet for private client (i.e. non-legal aid) costs which is available to download here.

Contact us for further details.